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Master Series

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Black Nipple Tweezer Clamps Reign Noir

Deliver increased sensitivity and stimulations to your nipples with these Black Nipple Tweezer Clamp..


Cock Ring And Urethral Plug Stainless Steel

This Cock ring with Urethral Plug will allow you to tease and torture your man. They will have their..


Hex Heavy Duty Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher In Silver

This cock ring and ball stretcher is designed to enhance your erection. It fits tightly and is in a ..


Pack of 10 Locks for Chastity Devices

A pack of 10 plastic locks, each with individual serial number, for locking chastity belts and ensur..


Penis Plug DPrimer

The D-Primer penis plug is made from TPR, and is flexible and bendable with your body. It is contour..


Stainless Steel Beaded Cock Ring ML By Meridian

A stunning, shiny stainless steel, beaded cock ring by Meridian. Grips your cock for a superior, gir..


Stainless Steel Beaded Cock Ring SM By Meridian

A stunning, shiny stainless steel, beaded cock ring by Meridian. Grips your cock for a superior, gir..


Stainless Steel Jennings Gag Rubber Coated

If you want the real thing, then look no further than this stainless steel, rubber coated Jennings g..


Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage By Captus

This Stainless Steel Lockable Chastity Cage from Captus, features a shortened cage with a locking ba..


Stainless Steel Vibrating Urethral Sound 7.5 Inch

If you are looking for intense, enhanced urethral feelings and sensations than look no further than ..


Anal Intruder And Cock Ring With Penis Pin

If you want to pleasure both holes and experience the sensation of being invaded to the max, then th..


Anal Vibrating Probe Eclipse X

This vibrating anal probe is made from silicone and features a 10 function remote control. It h..


Annex Clear Super Stretchy Erection Enhancer Cock Ring

Create more sensitivity and hardness with an erection enhancer that stretches around your shaft and ..


Asylum Locking 4 Ring Chastity Cock Cage

This Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage will have your play-thing completely under your control. Pl..


Asylum Locking 6 Ring Chastity Cage

This Asylum 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage will have your play-thing completely under your control. Pl..


Ball Stretcher Clear Spiral

The Spiral Ball Stretcher has been designed to stretch your sack to the max!Just stretch it over the..


Bastille Cock Confinement Cage

For the ultimate subjugation of your slave, this Bastille Cock Confinement Cage is the ticket!Simply..


Bauhaus Precision Nipple Vice With Chain

The Bauhaus Nipple Vice has been designed for precision and strength. Featuring two adjustable clamp..


Bondage Ring Barrel Nipple Clamps Master Series

The Bondage Ring Barrel Clamps from Master Series will provide you with the framework for a wide arr..


Bone And Gagged Silicone Dog Gag Master Series

This semi-realistic bone gag from Master series, will inhibit your puppy plaything and allow for eas..


Cadence Vibrating Urethral Sound Silicone

A vibrating silicone sound probe that will send pulse and rhythm inside the Urethra and take your ma..


Chimera Adjustable Bell Nipple Clamps Master Series

The Chimera Adjustable Bell Nipple Clamps from Master Series will allow you to listen out for your p..


Chrome Ball Weights 8oz

Come here.we have a little something we would like you to try. The Deviants Orb is a weighted piece ..


Colossus XXL Silicone Anal Plug With Suction Cup

Fill them up with this colossal XXL Anal Plug from Master Series. Made of premium silicone, it is no..


Coveted Collar And Clamp Union Master Series

This Coveted Collar and Clamp Union from Master Series, is an alluring combination of pleasure and p..


Dog Tail Butt Plug

This unique plug will turn your partner into the dog they are. With a swelling head that will fill y..


Doppleganger Double Mouth Gag Silicone

If your the lucky master of 2 slaves, then this Doppleganger Double mouth gag is the perfect device ..


Echo Triple Cock Ring Size ML Stainless Steel

The Echo Triple Cock Ring is smart, solid and Stainless steel and features three tiers to provide an..


Excavate Tunnel Anal Plug

Get in deep with this devious hollow butt plug, which allows unrestricted access to the innermost ar..


Expandable Butt Plug XL

An Extra large inflatable butt plug, that will expand your rear to new heights.....or widths!!For a ..


Fat Dick Penis Sleeve

If you are interested in adding size and girth to your cock, the Fat Dick Penis Enhancer is the perf..


Good Boy Wireless Vibrating Remote Puppy Plug

This weighted puppy tail plug is a great way to know when your pup is happy. The end is weighted, so..


Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher And Crusher

The Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher features 2 stainless steel rings, side by side. Place your balls thr..


Hex Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher

Hex is designed for long lasting erections. Its tight fit and hexagonal shape will offer maximum ere..


Inception Multi Functional Fucking Device Anal Plug

This three in one orifice opening device adds max girth and length to your rod and cushions your pla..


Inertia Flexible Silicone Penis Plug With Cum Thru

The Inertia Flexible Silicone Penis Plug is designed with a cum-thru feature that enables orgasmic s..


Inflatable Gag With Dildo Kink Industries

This inflatable gag with dildo has been designed to serve two functions at the same time. The inside..


Intake Anal Suction Device 2 Inch

The Intake Anal Suction Device is not for the faint of heart. Once applied, Intake creates an air ti..


Invasion Hollow Silicone Small Anal Plug

This darkly sexy anal plug has a thrilling feature that allows unrestricted access to their innermos..


Jizz Look And Scent Anal Lubricant 250ml

This Anal lubricant has been innovatively formulated to resemble the look, feel and scent of genuine..


Latex Face Strap On and Mouth Gag

For those who want to have a front row seat....and get involved right in all the action is the FACE ..


Leviathan Giant Inflatable Dildo with Internal Core

If grandiose and intimidating is your idea of a good time, look no further. Both are exemplified her..


Libertine Faucet Penis Plug Master Series

Made by Master Series, the Libertine Faucet Plug has been designed to enhance urethral play to its m..


Magnus Stainless Steel Enema Tip

This ample, weighted, stainless steel plug is the ideal choice for anyone interested in heavier enem..


Mamba Penis Sleeve Black

Another superb sleeve for enhancing penis length and girth is the fabulous Mamba Penis Sleeve, a gor..


Mamba Penis Sleeve Flesh

Another superb sleeve for enhancing penis length and girth is the fabulous Mamba Penis Sleeve, a gor..


Master Series 4 Piece Silicone Anal Ringed Rimmer Set

Unlock your backdoor pleasure with 4 slim anal toys in a variety of small shapes and sizes! Among th..


Master Series Accordion XL Anal Plug Inflatable

This GIANT , inflatable, accordian style Anal Plug from Master Series, will expand inside of you and..


Master Series Anchored Clear Anal Plug

Open up so your partner can take a peek inside your hole. This expanding plug has a unique, flexible..


Master Series Ass Anchors Silicone Anal Anchor 3 Piece

Finally fulfill your craving for a large anal insertion, without the discomfort of a massive stretch..


Master Series Bad Bunny Bunny Mask

You may be an adorable bunny, but you can still be dangerous! Are you a precious pet or a wild anima..


Master Series Bang Bang Vibrating Finger Glove

This uniquely shaped vibrating G spot stimulator will take fingering your partner to a whole new lev..