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Prefer going Solo

Posted by John 26/06/2018 0 Comment(s)


Do you Prefer to go Solo?




What’s a person supposed to do, when they’ve enjoyed a vigorous, adventurous sex life with their partner, but of recent times, their guy/gal would prefer to have a wank than engage in sexual activity with them?! Ok, masturbating is a perfectly normal and healthy act, that can be performed whenever the urge arises, but does it become a problem when you would rather satisfy yourself than have your partner do it? It raises questions for both involved. For the “wanker” it’s: - my partner can’t please me the way I please myself, or they just aren’t “doing” it for me anymore. Whereas for the “partner” it’s: - they clearly do not find me attractive anymore, or am I that bad in bed?


The answer could be yes to all the above, and one could argue maybe that’s a sign to call it quits on your relationship, after all sex is a huge part in connecting with one another. Nobody wants to think they are that repulsive or that crap at sex! Or it could motivate you to find your inner sex god/goddess, that you once were.


If it’s the latter, it is worth thinking about what attracted you to each other in the first place, was it the spontaneous desire to have sex? Or was it dressing up and acting out each other’s fantasies? Go back to the beginning, try to reintroduce and encourage these in to the bedroom. It may be worth asking your partner if you can watch them pleasure themselves, on its own an erotic experience but also a way to take mental notes of how they do it and what they like!


And if all else fails and you can’t beat them, join them! Tandem masturbation…you never know, it might just be the answer!!

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