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Top Tips For Anal Play

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Top tips for anal play


Most men I have come across have always tried to cross the boundaries and pot the brown instead of the pink! They could be banging you from behind one minute and then trying to shove it up your rectum the next, or you are in sexual oblivion whilst having your clit strummed, to be rudely interrupted by a fat finger being shoved up your arse!

 Don’t get me wrong, arse sex can be amazing, but it is about being in control, being aware and crucially being ready. So, for a guide to successful anal play, ladies and gents please see my top tips below: -


1.      Essentially, make sure you are both aroused! No point going straight for the anus if you are not turned on, as this can be intimidating and painful. Invest time in foreplay.


2.      A drink or two may be just what is required to relax you both and help qualm any inhibitions.


3.      If you are brand new to having your anus even looked at, let alone touched, the most important thing is to make sure there is plenty of lubricant within reach. Try our Lubido Paraben free water-based lubricant. (£4.99)


4.       Maybe you are concerned that with the withdrawal of a finger, penis, toy etc it could be “discoloured” to put it politely! Worry not, if done every now and again, anal douching is safe to wash those worries away! We stock a wide range of Anal Douches with prices from £7.99-£31.99 depending on your preference to size, style and colour.


5.      If you are new to anal play, then it may be wise to start with something small, such as a pinkie finger or anal beads.  The anus area is packed with nerve endings; therefore, it can be an erotic experience if done the right way. Think small steps, so anything entering should be just the tip to begin with. Check out our Anal Beginners Kit for £31.98.


6.      Communicate! Let each other know what is working for you and what is not. If it is hurting than vocalise this, as it could jeopardize any play in the future. Equally if its feeling amazing then be sure to let your partner know!


7.      Try using your tongue. Start at the centre of your partners spine and slowly lick your way down to their anus. Then probe your tongue and slide it inside. Or flatten your tongue against their hole, and then breathe air over the wet spot to generate a mix of warm and cool sensations.


8.      Vary your positions. For a beginner, try starting with you on top facing your partner. That way you are in control from the initial insert, to how deep the penetration is. Another good one is the side spoon. This enables you to both move, and if you’re a girl, allowing for clitoral stimulation at the same time. Always a bonus! Or maybe sit on your partners lap, you regain all control so you can rock back and forth, as if you are performing a sexy lap dance!


9.      Always practise safe sex. So, if you are not in a 100 percent monogamous relationship, make sure he wears a condom. Remember to use a lubricant that is suitable with the type of condom you are using. Latex condoms work well with water-based lubricant. (See tip no 2). It is also important to avoid cross-contamination, so ladies make sure if he goes back door, make sure he is clean before he enters you at the front. That includes fingers and vibrators!


10.   Make it fun! Once you are a seasoned pro, that’s when all the fun and games can start! There are lots of different toys to experiment with. Take a look at our huge selection of Anal toys….and more importantly enjoy getting your Brown Wings!


Just for my own amusement, here are my personal favourite words for arse-hole, feel free to add yours!

Leather cheerio, rusty (bullet-hole), balloon knot, fleshy fun bridge, chocolate star, district of brown, wrinkled penny, dirty onion ring, truffle tunnel and diddlyhole.



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