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Take the Initiative Ladies

Posted by First 17/01/2018 1 Comment(s)







  With Valentine’s night fast approaching, it may be the perfect excuse to rekindle that lost spark that is leaving a huge, gaping hole in your relationship. Many couples fall into the wham, bam, thank-you mam rut, where if they are even slightly lucky, they may get to change from missionary to a spoon or have a bit of tom-foolery with (god forbid) the lights on! It’s only natural that once we become a long-term couple, sex can become monotonous or unadventurous (and that’s for the lucky ones that still partake in carnal activities), so what is it we can do, to keep that stirring in the loins feeling that we had when we were in the first throes of passion?



  Take a moment to think back to what it was that attracted you to your partner in the first place.


  Were you at it like rabbits with every opportunity? Inside, outside, any time, any place?! Was it the sexting and sending/receiving pictures of each other’s nether regions? Or maybe you liked to dress up and perform scenarios that could be deemed only suitable on porn sites.


   Whatever it was, wouldn’t it be fun to just spice it up and shock your partner? For example, when he is at work, send him a photo of yourself wearing your sexy maids outfit, (albeit may be a mammoth task squeezing yourself into it now, as you’ve piled on the pounds and its because your content, well that’s what you tell yourself!), or purchase a new one that fits your fuller figure!


   Perhaps pack the kids off for the night, jump him the second he walks through the door and have sex in every room, do every position in your repertoire, convince yourself you are the ultimate porn goddess.  If for one night only and never discussed again!


   Maybe all you need to do is make his favourite meal, light some candles, scatter some rose petals and take the time to talk about each other’s day. Run him a bath, get the massage oils out and then climb into bed and kiss. Yes! just kiss. Its amazing how many couples have banished kissing from their relationship, and it’s a simple remedy to reviving those feelings and can lead onto a whole range of opportunities.


  I know many will think, why has it got to be me?! Why can’t he take the initiative and woo me? My advice would be to bite the bullet and be the better person, the saviour, the one who single handily bought back your relationship from the brink of death…the pleasurable times ahead will outweigh any bad feeling, and surely that’s got to be worth it? And if it doesn’t, then there’s always your trusty friends in your Closed Drawer!

1 Comment(s)

17/01/2018, 06:27:48 PM

Good advice there, I’m gonna dig deep and find my inner goddess lol

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