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A Women's Touch

Posted by First 17/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

A Woman’s Touch!


I don’t class myself as bisexual, not in the slightest, but I do recommend sharing some lady time at least once! Whether it is a drunken night with a close friend, one that you know will not go all weird after the event, or if its with a sexy stranger you meet at the bar, it needs to be done!


After all, it is a woman who will know how to press all the right buttons, for they have all those buttons too!

In my experience, it is a sensual, erotic experience and one I am so pleased I have divulged in.


After a few wines, the talk inevitably turned to sex or the lack of it, in my case. How when it does happen, I wish I hadn’t bothered, as all lust had vanished, and all I was left feeling was frustration and an ache down below. Once he was satisfied it was game over and I had to turn to my trusty vibrator to scratch that itch!


The fact we were slightly intoxicated, assisted in the proceedings that then occurred, we talked about what turns us on, how we liked to be kissed, touched, licked and so on. Then the next minute, we were showing each other how we liked to be kissed, touched and licked! The whole experience was utterly mind-blowing, it unearthed senses and feelings I had not felt with a man. A woman’s kiss is gentle and soft, their touch delicate and slow, their tongue caresses and stimulates every nerve in your body. But ultimately, they can make you orgasm in a way you deserve, you’re not left feeling unsatisfied or empty, but warm and fuzzy!


Ok, the next morning, it can be awkward at the realisation of what you have both partaken in, but only if you let it! For me, the best way was to make a joke about it, but also let her know that it was amazing and I had no regrets.


 Now we are still really close friends, but with benefits! Every now and then, when the mood takes us, we reminisce that night fondly, and after a few more wines and some more sex chat………..!!!

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